čtvrtek 13. ledna 2011

Shortening the debug phase

One way to be able to quickly slash bugs in embedded software projects is to have good information about the context bugs appear. My colleagues tried to summarize their experience from large software projects in automotive to the following paper -Ten steps to efficient bug analysis.

"This whitepaper describes approach allowing comprehensive analysis of bugs offline which dramatically boosts efficiency of development team during bug fixing phase."

Content is following :
  1. Make log analysis user friendly
  2. Mark bug in the log
  3. Restore system state automatically from the log
  4. Visualize performance and memory issues
  5. Store call stacks in the log
  6. Generate KPI reports directly from logs
  7. Logging outside the application process
  8. Unify logging mechanism
  9. Optimize CPU overhead of logging
  10. Compress logging data

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