středa 8. června 2011

Android + CMake is much easier in ndk-r5b

About a year or two ago we struggled to make regular CMake usage with Android easy, time has changed and with the newer Android ndk releases things are straightforward.

čtvrtek 13. ledna 2011

Shortening the debug phase

One way to be able to quickly slash bugs in embedded software projects is to have good information about the context bugs appear. My colleagues tried to summarize their experience from large software projects in automotive to the following paper -Ten steps to efficient bug analysis.

středa 6. října 2010

Working with IBM Jazz via Python through REST api

Have you worked with RTC, RQM or any other IBM Jazz based tool? Maybe you needed to import or export data via your own script?

There are some examples in Java and C#  showing how to interact with RQM  in this document. My preference was python. This post is a little example how to use python to interact with RQM server.

neděle 31. ledna 2010

Building native libraries for Android using CMake

Some time ago we started to use CMake build scripts for the Android platform since most of our cross-platform projects are based on CMake.

Maybe this style of building is also of your preference.
If so, here is a little how-to.

čtvrtek 7. května 2009

pygtkie - Internet Explorer in your pygtk application

pygtkie is a small component for embedding Internet explorer to pygtk applications ( on Windows of course) using python language.

neděle 19. dubna 2009

eliminate the monkey work

Sometimes people suggest to hire a student (== not so expensive technical person) to do some repetitive a tedious tasks. Eg. testing a specific module, pre-chewing certain complex document etc.

It's a temptation, especially when you have a big enough budget and a good will to help your overloaded software team. But at the end it maybe has the opposite effect.

středa 8. dubna 2009

Data2l 1.0 - Management of complex data structures

We finally released Data2l 1.0.
It helped us a lot during the last 3 years in understanding, generating, patching large "embedded" (also called "read-only" or "flatfiles") databases.
After those years of internal usage and internal development we cut off all the proprietary parts and released a general tool.