čtvrtek 7. května 2009

pygtkie - Internet Explorer in your pygtk application

pygtkie is a small component for embedding Internet explorer to pygtk applications ( on Windows of course) using python language.

neděle 19. dubna 2009

eliminate the monkey work

Sometimes people suggest to hire a student (== not so expensive technical person) to do some repetitive a tedious tasks. Eg. testing a specific module, pre-chewing certain complex document etc.

It's a temptation, especially when you have a big enough budget and a good will to help your overloaded software team. But at the end it maybe has the opposite effect.

středa 8. dubna 2009

Data2l 1.0 - Management of complex data structures

We finally released Data2l 1.0.
It helped us a lot during the last 3 years in understanding, generating, patching large "embedded" (also called "read-only" or "flatfiles") databases.
After those years of internal usage and internal development we cut off all the proprietary parts and released a general tool.

čtvrtek 19. března 2009

Repeat after me: "Singleton is my enemy"

Some people call singletons controversial some call them evil. I'd say the second group consists of those who pray to OOP.