středa 8. dubna 2009

Data2l 1.0 - Management of complex data structures

We finally released Data2l 1.0.
It helped us a lot during the last 3 years in understanding, generating, patching large "embedded" (also called "read-only" or "flatfiles") databases.
After those years of internal usage and internal development we cut off all the proprietary parts and released a general tool.

If you manage a large read-only database - typically in embedded system like car navigation - have a look it might save you a lot of work.

Using couple of types like Structure, Alternative, Array and Basic ( word, byte, dword ...) and using really simple "functional" language for relation definition we can describe really complex binary structures.

Once structure is described it's so easy do anything with it .. generate new data, inspect old data, use SAX and DOM like access, transform data or generate a specialized maintenance code. We used generated C++ code and this way we could work with a large binary data with quick and ease.

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